Data Solutions

Your only as good as your last backup!!!

We are partned with the leading backup software technology. When we protect your information, our data protection services put systems in place that ensure the security of your data, and our team also constantly monitors, manages, and restores information for you, lowering your risk of data loss. Our affordable data protection services give you full backup of your data from computers and servers, both locally and to an offsite location.

Desktop and Laptop Backup

Whether you’re on the road, or sitting at your desk, you can rely on data protection services to make certain the information on your laptops and desktops is backed up. And it can be done automatically, even while you’re on your computer, with no disruption in your work. When you go online, our service detects any new or modified files and stores a backup in a central location at our data center. You can instantly retrieve lost or damaged files with this centralized control over your data. The desktop backup solution provides:

  • Rapid, automatic backup
  • Pricing and packages for every budget, from subscription service and licensed software to combinations that meet your particular needs.
  • The capacity for you to retrieve data through a secure website/portal
  • Tools to efficiently reduce storage space
  • A single tool that can manage one or tens of thousand of desktops and laptops
  • Data secured through encryption at a secure, offsite location

Server Backup

With data protection, you can count on having the data you need when you need it. As your data grows, you have to manage your backup solution as well. Our server backup service gives you fast, reliable, and convenient automatic backup that reduces Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). You can lose traditional backup tapes or CDs, or they can fail. Our data protection service backs up data to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) in your office as often as every 15 minutes, eliminating concerns about long delays between backups. Our services include:

  • Straightforward, uncomplicated local backup to recover files quickly
  • Data and applications backed up automatically, eliminating the need for costly agents for Exchange, SQL, or other open files, or the need to choose files for backup
  • Do it yourself quick and simple file restoration
  • Around the clock NAS monitoring to make sure your data is being backed up as planned
  • More control of your data, with little or no employee time given to backing up remote servers
  • Recovery at a rapid rate with technology that automatically restores only data changed since your last backup
  • Restoration of your entire data system in 24 hours in case of fire, natural disaster, or theft
  • One-day replacement of data servers to get your business back on track as fast as possible
  • 256-bit AES encryption of data at the source, in transit, and in storage, with easy-to-use encryption keys in your control

Say goodbye to your worries about losing data, by putting in place our efficient, effective backup solution. 

Contact us and we’ll show you how.